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Sales: 708-405-6120           Finance: 708-405-6120
Sales: 708-405-6120
Finance: 708-405-6120

·        How do I apply for an auto loan?


o   Apply online at www.FreshStartDriveChicago.com

o   Call us at 708-405-6120

o   Shop the Dealership at 7911 Roosevelt Rd, Forest Park, IL 

·        How long does a loan approval take?

o   Most applications are Approved within 15 minutes

·        How large of a loan do I qualify for?... (Line of Credit)

o   Loan amounts are based on Provable Gross Monthly Income (minimum $800-month income required)

o   Loans amounts range from $5000 to $35000 in most cases. 

·        Will I need a down payment?

o   Our most popular program is the $0 money down program (Not everyone will qualify) Minimum gross monthly income is $2250 to qualify for the “No Money Down” Program" 

·        My credit is horrible… Can I get a loan?

o   We can get loans for anyone… But if your credit is “horrible” You will need money down or a co-signer. 

·        What type of vehicles will I qualify for?

o   Most Banks prefer newer – low mile – vehicles (Pre-Driven 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018)

·        If I don’t want something late model… Can I get something older?

o   Older Vehicles are available… but the bank’s want some money down. In most cases ($1000- $2000) down. Down payment is from $0 down to 50% down. With ½ down… we can get anyone an auto loan. 

·        What is the % rate?

o   Interest rates are based on risk. Risk is a combination of factors. (between 3.9% to 23.9%) see payment chart. Credit score (FICO score) previous Auto Credit History – time on current job – monthly income – money down – Age/year/model/miles of vehicles – does it have an extended warranty? Does it have Gap Insurance? These are all factors that are used in determining “RISK” to the lender.

·        Where do I purchase my vehicle?

o   We arrange financing for vehicles we sell.

o   Hawk CDJ. We are located at 7911 Roosevelt Rd. Forest Park, IL 60130

·        What if I need transportation to the Dealership?

o   We will arrange transportation by sending a “courtesy vehicle” to pick you up at no charge. 

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